To get the latest updates on 2017 Kenya Elections Campaigns, please send a text message with the word ‘SIASA’ to 22204. This is a Premium SMS service managed by myAspirantmyLeader Team. Once subscribed, you will receive a confirmation message from Safaricom and a welcome note from the myAspirantmyLeader Team on the short code 22204. In the days, weeks and months to the general elections, you will receive updates on the campaigns and elections.

Reply with the Word ASPIRANT to know your Aspirant, NEWS to receive updates, SERVICEPROVIDER to know providers, IEBC to know updates on Elections, SEND to send us your Updates.

SMS the Position to know and the Area eg GOVERNORNAIROBI to know the Governor Candidates for Nairobi County. Others include;






SMS the name of your Aspirant to 20254. This should be the FIRSTNAME followed by SECONDNAME eg EVANSKIDERO to subscribe to receive their updates.

This depends on the Aspirants who have signedup for our SMS service.

SMS the name of the service to 20254 to know the service providers eg.









SMS the name word SUBMITINFO followed by the details of the News update, Aspirant Candidate (Name, Position, Location, More Description) eg

SUBMITINFO EvansKidero, Nairobi, Governor, ODM, Profile, any other information.

SUBMITINFO County News, Name of County, Details of the Update

SUBMITINFO Constituency News, Name of Contituency, Details of the Update

SUBMITINFO Ward News, Name of Ward Details of the Update


Our Services include, Web Design and Development, Domain Registration and Hosting, Bulk SMS, Whats App Marketing, Shortcode Marketing, Digital Marketing and Online Reputation Management, Campaign Elections Manager etc

Web Design & Domains Hosting 90%
Bulk SMS 950%
Short code (Shared & Dedicated) 85%%
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