Kenya Online Launches Immediately after Elections in Kenya

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There has been a patient wait for the election mood to disperse from within the Kenya clouds. Though not finally settled, Kenya Online, the number one business listing directory launches big in Kenya.

How It Works…

The internet is growing fast, and the future of most businesses depend on integration of online tools in marketing and customer relations. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of this age, a business needs to invest heavily on time and resources on free resources such as social media and search engine optimization.

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For businesses that are looking at penetrating the internet with a limited budget, Kenya Online provides you with the key features that will narrow the gap between your shop and the potential customer online. While other channels involves the businesses reaching out to the clients with less than 5% success rate, at Kenya Online, all the visitors are your potential clients. Luckily, from zero budget!

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In brief…

a. Kenya Online Betabiz Directory

  1. Kenya Online is a portal for listing businesses.
  2. Each business has a dedicated page with the following tabs: business wall, photos, about, offers, ability to message a business and ratings.
  3. A Business can give a social media like update on it’s wall any time of the day.
  4. A user can search and find a best rated business near them on a map, depending on the radius chosen.
  5. A business can post offers any time such offers exist.
  6. All the business offers are displayed on a single page, sorted by time, category and relevance.
  7. A business can be able to send bulk messages to its clients from the website.
  8. A business can upload its products, in quality images and supports 3D animated videos.
  9. A business owner can create and manage appointments.
  10. A business can receive and process orders on their products.

b. Kenya Experts

  1. Is a portal for listing expert service providers all over Kenya.
  2. A user can find an expert service provider at any corner of the country. Verified experts!
  3. An expert can manage client bookings and booking schedules.
  4. An expert can manage client payments and generate invoices.

Since the launch of the platform early this month, it has received several praises from the top players in the industry. Alphonce Juma, the CEO and Founder in his statement described the platform as revolutionary and will transform the digital experience of the businesses in Kenya.

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