Shocking!!! Prophet Dr Owuor again warns of a DARK day coming to Kenya in this years poll if country fails to repent – here are the details

Prophet Dr Owuor
Prophet Dr Owuor - uhuru park peace and prayer rally

As the country continues to mourn influential and key leaders that have met their untimely deaths amidst the busy campaign period, The Late (Rtd) Major General Nkaissery’s shocking demise has been treated with suspicion as he held a key ministerial position. The late CS was directly involved with securing the country ahead of the August 8 polls.

On the same breathe, the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness has left Kenyans shocked and social media ablaze when news went out that a woman from west Pokot resurrected via a three word text message from mighty prophet owuor who lives in Nairobi.

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The church has since held celebration galore in various cities across the country every sunday afternoon, turning up in large numbers to worship and chant praises to their God. My aspirant my leader has learnt that the night When the General succumbed to a heart attack, Prophet Owuor had called Jesus is lord radio which is run by the church and gave a prophecy of chaos and mayhem that will rock the elections.

Below is a section of the warning as posted on youtube by Prophet Dr Owuor

“Amen. Now, well The Lord has spoken with me. The Lord Jehovah has spoken with me, and I know there are big celebrations going on in this country right now on the resurrection of the corpse, the dead body, the dead corpse that is now Rosa who is walking, but The Lord Jehovah has spoken with me about the nation of Kenya.  Jehovah Elohim, Hamelech—the Righteous Judge, Jehovah Hashopet, He has spoken with me about the nation of Kenya and about the coming election.

Well, I see people running and throwing stones.  I see people running and police chasing people, and people running.  I see a situation; people throwing stones and people running.  I see a state of chaos, and in another dream again, I see a community that is being herded out, is passing through another community, but there is so much evil and mayhem. 

And then, yeah, the second dream I see a community that is being chased from a place, so they are passing through another community, and there is hostility between the two communities that I see in the dream. And today I saw again stones, people running with their children, fearing gunfire, and all this, running. There was a situation. So, I see and then the third dream, I saw that darkness covered the land, but Kenya somehow makes it through.  She is able to pass through to the other side beyond the dark day.

So the message to Kenya is very simple: The revival of Jehovah is in this land; the revival of The Lord, the most historic revival in the entire history of the earth, since the earth was created, the most historic revival in the history of The Bible, since The Bible was written is in this land; and, nobody ever all over the earth, nobody ever created by Jehovah can claim they don’t know this! Nobody created by The LORD can ever claim they do not know that the highest revival, the most historic revival ever since The Bible was written, ever since the church was created, ever since the earth was created is happening here now!  No one can claim ignorance on that.

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And number two, Kenya knows very well that before the violence of 2007 December, 2008 January, I gave the prophecy of that violence all the way from 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 December, at Kapkatet, and I warned the nation, and I told Kenya, ‘Repent! Repent because I have seen the relapse days ahead of you, bad days in front of you.’  And nobody can claim ignorance on that either!

And all people know that 2013 there was going to be bloodshed if The Lord did not use His mightiest Prophet to intervene at Uhuru Park and call the entire nation into one sacred holy assembly, repentance, National Repentance and Reconciliation and Peace 2013, and The Lord prevailed and saved Kenya.  So Kenya knows where to go in order to see peace, in order to surpass this big dark day ahead of them here.

Nobody in Kenya young or small young or old, small or big can ever claim they do not know who to go to find peace!  Nobody in Kenya can claim that they are not aware that The mightiest prophet of the Lord is in this land, and if they want peace they go to Him, and He will talk to Jehovah his God!  And peace will prevail! And you cannot go to another!  If you go to another, The Lord will see contestation, and you will be in trouble, as a nation! 

Everybody knows that!  Nobody can claim ignorance on that! They know whom to go to. They know He is available. They know how to approach Him. They know how to appear before him, and put forth their plea, their supplication before him. And they know very well he can speak directly to Jehovah, and save the nation; that everybody in this land knows.

Nobody can claim ignorance in this land, never! Never ever! And Kenya needs to seek God, and they know how to approach me so I can talk to The Lord. 2013, if I did not intervene, blood was going to flow. That was obvious!  I had seen the dream, also.  Even now let Kenya approach The Lord, and this beautiful country, this most glorious revival nation will see even greater revival.”

President Uhuru and Opposition leader Raila Odinga shakes hands in the 2013 peace and prayer rally at Uhuru Park hosted by Prophet Dr Owuor

The firebrand Prophet has in the past prophesied major disasters with the accuracy of a jewish prophet like the 2007 post election violence, he is also credited with bringing together presidential candidates who vowed to keep their peace irrespective of the poll outcome in 2013. Surprisingly Peace Prevailed amidst alot of tension. With all the Political rhetoric and hate slowly spreading along tribal lines perhaps what we need is divine intervention as in 2013 when Prophet Owuor led the peace and prayer rally at Uhuru Park with all presidential candidates.

As Africans our elections have always been enigmatic, every 5 years we are thrown into a state of tense political activities with ethnic intolerance and suspicion which leads to violence most of the time. The western nations actually hold elections as people continue with their daily routines, an election is not treated as a matter of life and death as we have been made to believe in Africa. Where did we go wrong?

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