Ambassador Serem launches Huduma Namba Registration at Kenyan Embassy in China


    Huduma Namba Registration kicked off at Kenyan Embassy in China and the turn out was great. The whole process is set to end on 20th June, 2019. Ambassador Sarah Serem urged Kenyan citizens in china to turn out in large numbers and register since this will mean a great milestone for the country in terms of development and service delivery to all Kenyans.

    Huduma Namba is a free government service and is expected to cost between Sh5 Billion and Sh6 Billion. It is conducted by the National Integrated Identity Management system (NIIMS) and involves collecting biometric data after which the systems generates a unique number (Huduma Namba) which will enable one to access government services. Such services include applying for a driving license, ID, birth certificate among others.

    Huduma Namba is a useful tool for the government to use in national planning, social services, project resource allocation, and even project infrastructure. No other document gives the government the ability to serve its people that way. Once done, the Huduma Namba will be the only identification document you will need. Without it, you will not access any government services that require documentation, just as you cannot do so without a national ID card.