10 Million Strong – ODM softens stand on Independent candidates, they are our friends


As the 2017 Election dates draws nearer, political temperatures are on the rise day by day. This year, the IEBC have already complained that they will have a very long list of candidates on the ballot paper – reason; the rise of the independent candidates. A backlash in the Odinga stronghold on his stand on Independent candidates have made the NASA strategists to think otherwise.

“But again, i will soon meet with our people who were unsuccessful during the party nominations because we don’t want chaos. I will speak to them and ask them to support us,” Raila Odinga.

“Independent candidates are our friends; we can not say they are our enemies. What we want to explain is that when we go out there as ODM, we shall stand with the party nominees but they INDEPENDENTS are also ours. Independent candidates resigned from our party following orange nominations. They remain FRIENDS of our party, ODM.” ODM Secretary General, Sen Agnes Zani.

So far, that’s all INDEPENDENT candidates wanted. Nothing more.

Most of the Kenyan Independent candidates are as a result of a fallout with their Political parties due to unfair primaries that affected both NASA parties (Orange Democratic Movement ODM and Wiper Democratic Movement WDM) and Jubilee Party.

This means that in the coming election, closing a door for the large number of Independent Candidates may lead to voter apathy and loose of votes for a Presidential Aspirant.

Jubilee Party and Independent Candidates

Jubilee affiliated aspirants had a meeting at Kasarani last week to form a coalition. The meeting brought together some of the biggest losers in the Jubilee party nominations held recently, including Peter Kenneth and William Kabogo, who are still supporting the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kabogo tweeted that he had met a number of the aspirants to determine the way forward.

“I met aspirants from the Kenya Alliance of Independent Candidates #KAIC to discuss our way forward.”

A spotcheck online shows two separate Groups already doing well in what may prove to be a headache of numbers for the Political Parties in the senate and parliament after the elections. These are;

The Independent Candidates Na Uhuru Kenyatta – ICUK 2017

Kenya Alliance of Independent Candidates – KAIC

NASA and Independent Candidates

Mr Raila Odinga, hit out at independent candidates in his Nyanza backyard, dismissing claims that he would back their candidature in the August 8 General Election. Mr Odinga rallied his supporters to reject independents at the ballot, saying the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) needed numerical strength in both Houses of Parliament.

ANC and WDP heads Mudavadi and Kalonzo reiterated the same sentiments.

“We also shelved our presidential ambitions to support Raila. Why can’t you support those that won? Let’s agree on one thing please,” said the ANC party leader, and Nasa co-principal.

Who is an Independent Candidate?

Independent candidates are those candidates who are not inclined to any Political parties ideology. According to the Kenyan constitution;

Any person is eligible to stand as an independent candidate for election if the person –

(a) is not a member of a registered political party and has not been a member for at least three months immediately before the date of the election; and
(b) satisfies the requirements of–

(i) Article 99 (1) (c) (i) or (ii), in the case of a candidate for election to the National Assembly or the Senate, respectively; or
(ii) Article 193 (1) (c) (ii), in the case of a candidate for election to a county assembly.


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