Court Oders MPs to keep off CDF.


 The court of appeal has on Friday made a decision which will see MPs loose their executive seat at the CDF.

This decision was made after the court of appeal decided that section of the CDF Act 2013 as unconstitutional and a violation of the principle of separation of powers.

Judges Erastus Githinji, Hannah Okwengu and GBM Kariuki ruled that the other entire CDF Act was still functional and fully operational as law except for sections 24(3)(c), 24 (3) (f) and 37 (1) (a).

However there was an argument by the Appellate court that the executive functions performed by MPs could properly have been assigned to the sub-county administrator as an officer of the national government.

In the recent past, MPs and some government officials have been involved in CDF corruption related cases which has sen the public loose its trust in the department.

This is what the judges faulted in their finding and could consequently take away MPs powers to oversee CDF.

The Judges highlighted that the CDF projects were of more importance to the public and the matter was to be handled seriously.

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