Why Democracy Champion Matiba is Smiling in Death.


Second liberation fighter Kenneth Njindo Matiba must be a happy man even in his death.

Matiba death saw thousands of people from different counties benefit from free medical services at Kenneth Matiba Eye and Dental Hospital in Murang’a county under the leadership governor Mwangi Wairia.

Kenyans with both eye and dental related problems showed up in their numbers for treatment where some were given free glasses with operations also done at no cost.

“This is what our father Matiba wanted and I know he is happy when his people benfit,”governor Wairia said.

The beneficiaries of the offer by Murang’a government celebrated Matiba as a great hero who wanted the best for his people at the expense of his his life and resources.

They also thanked governor Mwangi Wairia for his generosity and great insight to the needs of his people by initiating people driven projects with an impact to the society.

“I very happy for what my governor has done and I am sure this is what Matiba wished for his people,” a happy resident said.


Matiba chats with Wairia during opening of hospital named after him.

At a memorial service in honor of Matiba president Uhuru Kenyatta said he will work with Mwangi Wairia in expanding the hospital named after Matiba for more Kenyans to get help.

President Kenyatta went ahead and said he will look into the plight of the many heroes and heroines who have struggled for a better Kenya.

He promised to enjoin Raila Odinga in identifying them and making sure the government compensates them and their families for their great work.

“I will look for my brother Raila Odinga and we will form and committee that will identify our heroes and heroines and get them compensated,” Kenyatta said.

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