Kabogo Talks Meeting Raila, Development and 2022 Secession Politics.


Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has said his private meeting with Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga discussed a wide range of issues that would steer development and healing the nation.

Kabogo who did not want to get deep into the matters discussed in the meeting said the former prime minister was committed to see the nation move forward.

“This is not the fast time I am visiting my good friend Raila and we discussed a lot of issues and every question I asked he gave an answer,” Kabogo said.


Kabogo with his wife and son


Among other things discussed in the meeting he said was seeing the nation get out of the prolonged electoral cycle and prevent such occurrences in the future.

He said the topic on election would need a sober national discussion that will see all contestants in an election contented with the results in the coming polls.

“I asked Raila why he looses all the time and why he complains and the answer he gave i was happy and that why I believe we need to talk deeply about election,” Kabogo told his interviewer.

Kabogo went ahead to tell residents of Mt.Kenya to expect him active in matters of development as ‘Raila talk’ which hindered him from doing so was no longer there.

When asked if he will vie for president come 2022 Kabogo said he will share his vision in the near future and his supporters should expect a lot from him.

Kabogo also asked leaders to refrain from giving 2022 unnecessary prominence and instead focus on attending to the promises they gave during the campaign period.

“I am a man and you know a man without vision that is not a man so expect a lot from me but we should avoid giving 2022 much prominence it does not deserve,” Kabogo said.


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