Migori politics shaping up ahead of August polls,Who are the favourites?


The political atmosphere in Migori County is taking an interesting shape ahead of the August 8th general elections .

The nominations which were fairly conducted by ODM in the region is now a thing of the past with candidates battling out to get the various positions from MCA to that of Governor .

Myaspirantmyleader.co.ke  has been monitoring and gathering views from  the potential voters in the mineral rich county which   borders Homa Bay to the North, Kisii to the North East, Narok to the East and South East, Tanzania to the South and South West and Lake Victoria to the West.

The politics of the County has been somehow different with the neighbouring Luo Counties.Here  individuals are elected on merit and must account for  his work at the end of the term  . Last elections  for example the much sort Gubernatorial  seat saw incumbent  Okoth Obado trounce ODM’s Akongo Oyugi while little known Jared Kopiyo beat ODMs Walter Owino.The same scenario was witnessed in  Kuria East and West where


The Gubernatorial race last time saw Okoth Obado get 132,687 votes against Oyugi’s 115,270 with TNA’s Tom Joseph Mboya managing 10,310.In what sent shockwaves in the county and the entire Country ,the incumbent on a PDP ticket won the the race despite the set back.He however decamped to ODM and was received by Party leader raila Odinga  at a rally at the Migori Stadium.He is now tasked to get the requisite votes for NASA in Migori and Narok counties .

An opinion poll conducted by this site  where residents voted online saw Obado’s popularity rise to 72% against Ochilo’s 25% with 3% still undecided .

Ochilo who lost to Obado in the ODM primaries has vowed to face the incumbent in the August 8th polls as an Independent .The former rongo MP and Cabinet Minister has got support from embattled Migori ODM Chairman Makabongo and  Suna East MP Junet Mohammed .The latter has however diplomatically changed tact and is backing Obado owing to the six piece being preached by NASA supremo Raila Odinga.

Ochillo has backing from Rongo Constituency where he beat Obado while ironically Obado is the man to beat in Ochillo’s backyard of  Awendo.

ODM Party leader Raila welcoming Obado in ODM after he decamped PDP

social media is also play a pivotal role in the campaigns for both the Gubernatorial aspirants  with Ochillo desperately recruiting Rongo University Students to help him out . Ochillo Blogging team that entails  Rashid Yusuf  and Ajmal Ofweneke  are reportedly head of the recruiting mission.

Facebook Groups that is the centre of social media politics are  Migori Republican Council with over 47,000  members ,Migori Revolutionist Council with 14,000  members ,Migori County  Political Forum with 8500,Migori County Sharing Forum with 12,000,Nyatike Political Platform  with  21,000,Awendo Sub county Forum 1 and 2 with 18000 and 11000 respectively,The Real Rongo Constituency we want with 7000 ,Rongo University Whispers with 17000 and Kuria Peoples Forum with 13000.




Parliamentary race and the favourites 

A look at the parliamentary race  reveals almost all the sitting MPs starring at extinction as they are set for humiliation .  Only  Suna West MP Joseph O Ndiege   who  had his main challenger Mwabe Ogwari locked out of the race is expected to defend his seat .In 2013 Ndiege won with a landslide with his only challenger  TNA’s Joram Odhiambo Okuta getting a paltry 392 votes against 27,640 that he got

Awendo residents who elected a Ford Kenya MP at the expense of ODMs Walter Owino have vowed this time to ensure Walter Owino gets to parliament .The residents demonstrated this when Walter Owino  who is a businessman in the area humiliated incumbent Jared kopiyo  and Enos Nyawata to win the coveted party ticket .Last elections Kopiyo banking on sympathy votes and with the support from teachers scrapped his way through garnering  15,543 against Walter owino’s  13,248.This time the incumbent is not in the picture despite defending his seat with the battle  boiling up between Eng Enos Nyawata and ODM’s Walter Owino. Walter comes from West Sakwa while Nyawata hails from South Sakwa that comprises Kogello sub clan .It will be important to look at the way the areas will vote but central sakwa has been  the deciding factor .

Dalmas Otieno failed to re capture the ODM ticket losing to his all time rival Paul Abuor.The former Cabinet Minister however insisted he must be in the ballot and will defend his seat as an independent candidate .In the last elections Dalmas got  18,943 while Odalo Makojuando of the Independent party got 11,504.This was after Abuor was locked out by the party.The 11,504 that voted for little known Odalo must have been Abuor supporters who were protesting against Dalmas and the writings seems to have been on the wall.A resident from South Kamagambo was heard saying that the area hasn’t produced an MP and iots the time for them to eat.Abuor got an overwhelming support from the populous South Kamagambo.

Uriri will definitely have a new MP in Eng Mark Ogola Nyamita who beat incumbent John Kobado.Kobado is not letting it go and is also defending his seat as an independent despite losing heavily to his fellow Engineer.In the last elections John Kobado rigged himself and grabbed the ODM certificate but  had to sweat to beat Ford Kenya’s the late Cyprian Ojwang  Omolo who got  12,875 against Kobado’s  21,795.Again here  Kobado will be banking on the Kanyamkago clan who are the majority  but with Nyamita dropping from the Gubernatorial race to support Obado who went on to beat Ochillo Ayacko,it will be a tall order for the incumbent who is a critic of  the Governor .

Junet Mohammed is  the only  ODM MP in the County  who despite winning in the primaries could be headed for a shock loss in the General elections after  his main challenger Patrick Odipo struck a deal with former MP John Pesa.The deal will see John Pesa  withdraw from the race and back Odipo who is running on Mudavadi led ANC.The mathematics here could favour  “The son of the soil” as he is known and considering Pesa’s huge following from the outskirts of the town ,Junet’s  re election will be mountainous.

John Pesa greeting ANC’s Partrick Odipo.It is at this function that he declared support for Odipo

In the last elections ODM insisted that the former Migori Mayor be on the ballot despite losing to John Pesa .Junet’s only challenger was Pesa’s son Peter Dache who was a very weak candidate by the then.In a spirited campaign orchestrated by  his father john Pesa,Peter got  11,211 on a PDP ticket  while Junet won with 18,523.Bashir Hassan of National Agenda Party got 1,372 perceived to be votes from the muslim community .

Nyatike Parliamentary race has been marred with  controversies and claims of rigging from two camps between current MP Omondi Anyanga and that of Tom Odege .The war of words between the two who are fighting to have their names feature in the ballot on an ODM ticket   is not ending soon as the  Court of appeal  is set  to settle the matter  on 19th Monday June  giving  direction who between Odege or Anyanga should fly the party’s ticket .

Intrigues,favouritism and claims of bribery have seen both camps trades accusations with Anyanga claiming Denis Onyango who is Raila Odinga spokesman favouring the UKCS sec Gen Tom Odege because they are relatives .Anyang claimed victory during the nominations despite the returning officer naming Fredrick Ogenga  also known as Odiso the winner.Anyanga ran to Political Parties Tribunal with his case finding its way  at the High court where  Judge Luka Kimaru  ruled on his favour while Odege was reported to have moved to Orange house to  claim the certificate .Ogenga meanwhile opted to go independent and started  his campaigns  .Nyatike is known  to be voting ODM  candidates even if unpopular and whoever gets the nod on monday will have an easy ride to the august house .

Last elections unpopular Anyanga got 20,299 while his two close challengers  Samson Olima Obonyo(Ford Kenya)and Michael Otieno Ogola(Wiper )got 10236 and 11,06


Kuria West and East voting pattern always takes the clanism shape .Kuria West for example voted for  Nyababe Robi Mathias who hails from the majority clan .Robi  garnered  13,186 against ODMs Samson Matiko Bohoko who despite being popular got only 8,467.The same race saw TNA’s  Mwita Thomas gwet 3099 while UDF’s  Marwa Jane getting 4246.The two apparently hail from the same clan as Bohoko. But this time the former journalist has put his house in order and may just sneak through to become Kuria West’s second MP.

Kuria East will definitely have a new MP after Shadrack Mwita Manga retired from politics .This will leave the battle between  Thomas Maneno Mwikabe and   ODM’s Rahab Robi  Sollo Odhiambo . Maisori who was 3rd in the last elections on a URP party has the Jubilee nod while Thomas Maneno who lost narrowly to Manga  by 45 votes only will  seek another chance to represent Kuria East .Maneno got  7883 on PICK while Manga got  7928 on KANU.ODM’s Mark Chacha was a distant fourth getting 2445.


Several Member of County Assembly ‘s will fail to get back

Rongo – In Rongo  only Sollo Odhiambo Richard of (N. Kamagambo) may defend his seat .  Wilson Titus Onyango (C.Kamagambo)  will lose his seat to Akal Callebs  while East Kamagambo’s   Joshua Onyango  will lose to  Nyawada shadrack Otieno .South Kamagambo’s Ooko Okendo will not set foot in the County assembly with  Keke Kevins  favourite for the seat .

Awendo- The four wards of Awendo will most likely have newcomers in the foreys, long serving Awendo councillor and Central Sakwa MCA Jonson Owiro Omolo ,North Sakwa’s Timon Awidhi Mbogo, vocal South Sakwa MCA Jared Osawa and his West counterpart Philip Ouma Odera were all beaten in the primaries and even with  some of them defending their seats as Independent ,the writing is on the wall as the voters had unleashed their “go home weapons ‘. Youthful  Edward ken Ouma (S.Sakwa), Court clerk Nestroy otieno Owiyo(West Sakwa),Elijah Adongo Mbogo of North Sakwa and flamboyant Gerishon Okungu  Owi also nicknamed ‘Akuru marachar’ are expected to refresh the new look Migori County Assembly.Owi trounced long serving Johnson Owiro alias Mugabe

Suna East – For  Suna East  the same scenario may take centre stage .Newcomers could come in but Suna Central MCA George Otieno who believed he was rigged out could  make a shocking comeback as an Independent though it is too close to call.All the sitting MCA’s in Joe Jacks Gucha of Kakrao,Benard Omiondi of Godjope, Joshua Odoyo of Kwa may not return back  with  Ogwada Leonard Lot(God Jope),Ochieng Samuel Obrien (Suna Central),George Odhiambo (Kakrao),Beatrice Adhiambo Odhiambo (kwa ward) making it .

Suna West -Wiga MCa Albert Odette Amollo may be the only incumbent capable of defending his seats .Wasweta II   Hillary Ochola Maeri will not match Patrick Aran  while Omolo Ogega shocked Hezron Odhiambo Okello who is now facing a possibility of losing.Wasimbete will have Ronald Asiga as their MCA.

Uriri –The home of the Governor Zachary Obado.The sub county has five  wards .Central kanyamkago had the late  Osongo  who was elected unopposed replaced by  Akugo Jaoko Alex who  is set to defend his seat after flooring his opponents in the ODM primaries.North Kanyamkago will likely experience a titanic battle . George Okinyi Omamba who decamped to ODM and  controversially won the primaries  will however fight it tooth and nail with Ford kenya’s Milton Obote .West Kanyamkago will have a new MCA in Mijungu Peter after incumbent William Ouma lost in the primaries .Keya Reuben  Mahonga will have an easy ride and is likely to defend his seat for East Kanyamkago.

Nyatike-The most populous constituency and together with Kuria  West have the highest number of wards(seven).Nyatike produced the speaker of the assembly Boaz Okoth of Agano Party representing North Kadem.The vocal MCA will defend his seat on an ODM ticket and is expected to easily sail through .

Only John Robert Bondori of muhuru ward won with an ODM ticket with the rest CORD affiliates.However the six piece tag could sweep across the region  with Osodo Brian odhiambo (Kachieng) Ongoro Jacline (kanyasa),George Duro(macalder kanyarwanda)Thomas Akungo (kaler)John Willis oyugi (Got Kachola) and  Hevron Maira(Muhuru) gaining from the six piece tsunami .Both thomas Odera (Kanyasa) and Joseph Obonyo (Kachieng) won with Wiper but this time  most candidates were locked out with the political parties act settling as independents which is very hard to sell in the region.

Kuria East and west will again elect based on clan but  Abed Mwita  Maroa of masaba ward will highly  likely retain his seat on an ODM ticket

The position of Women rep will be a battle between Fatuma Mohammed and pamela Odhiambo with the former poised to win  while that of Senator has changed to be a battle between three candidates in Ben Oluoch okello (ODM), Former speaker Gordon Ogola and  youthful Billy Mijungu.The possibility of Ben Oluoch losing is almost nil .




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