Nyongo’s Gubernatorial bid gets boost despite Ida Odinga’s preference for Ranguma


KISUMU Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o  received a huge boost in his bid to become the lakeside city’s second governor. Well-placed sources states that most of his former competitors for the ODM nomination are now backing his bid. Among those said to have joined the father of Oscar award winner Lupita is youthful architect Chris Ondiek. The flamboyant Ondiek is said to have deep networks in his Nyakach community. In a race that would be influenced by clan and party politics.

The senator is locked in a  titanic battle for the top post in the County with incumbent  Jack Ranguma.

Both have chosen their running mates from Nyakach Consituency percieved to be the battle ground .

Just yesterday,Ida Odinga the wife of NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga  in the company of Governor Ranguma  told voters to drop the six piece idea and concentrate on voting for Raila Odinga .She said voters were free to elect anyone of their choice but insisted the ultimate goal is to have Raila Odinga win the Presidency.


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