Obado, Magwanga, Rasanga and Nyongo are set for victories in August polls – Adams Oloo


Migori Governor Okoth Obado and ODM nominee for the Migori Gubernatorial seat,his SiayaCounterpart Cornel Rasanga ,Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga and Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyongo will be elected governors in their respective counties if elections were held.

Renowned Political analysts Dr Adams Oloo has stated that the four would win but warmed of voter apathy if the NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga continues with his quest of sidelining those popular candidates vying on independent.

Speaking today morning on NTV hosted by Ouko Okusa Oloo said the  blanket condemnation by Raila on this candidates to some extend will lead to voter apathy.

He said this  people must be brought on board and that  six piece may not necessarily work in favour for Raila.

“The extent you start suppressing certain candidates then you do the same to the voters, politics is who get what and how and the end results is what counts.We must separate party loyalty and party presidential votes and we are talking of NASA presidential votes and Jubilee presidential votes” Oloo said.

He said  he is aware of controversial results where genuine candidates were locked out  and asked the ODM party leader to  talk to them as ODM as a party will not use their money to campaign for independent candidates.

When put to task who in the Luo Nyanza Counties will carry the day for the top posts he had to say this:

Migori County

Migori is very interesting and its a county that surprised many in 2013 .

Oloo said Popularity matters a lot than loyalty and he hinted of a huge win for Obado who he said proved people and ODM party wrong  in 2013 and even the just concluded nominations.

He said for  Migori Obado is popular and despite Ochillo’s loyalty to Raila the former Rongo MP lost to the incumbent .He even said Ochillo’s loyalty to Raila is 85% buy could not still beat Obado.


For Homabay  he was categorical saying the county politics is different to Migori .He said Homabay compare to migori is two scenarios

In Migori he said  Obado won while in Homabay the party primaries were a fiasco and  wondered how the incumbent was given the certificate

He said this is another case study where the party secretariat must do ground work  to prove to the electorate if Awiti won . “If its Magwamga who  won and by what margin and who are this people who voted? Does cyrpian Awiti have the numbers?” This are the questions he asked

He said it will be suicidal to have a blanket condemnation especially homabay which is a free for all

“Its a county where if the party does not do its work it will be a shock of the century” he said

He said Magwanga will win

Siaya County

He said the Siaya case is distinct and not like either Homabay or Siaya

He further said Luo politics is interesting to the extent that the words that come out ends up haunting you

He continued to blame Gumbo who he said was the most popular saying his utterances after Rasanga was declared winner  could cost him .” Gumbo in the primaries had the support but there was a danger as an observer”

He  said he (Gumbo)had Jakoyo Midiwo on his sides and Jakoyo uttered some statements that has suppressed the support that Gumbo had then .

“That one is a distinct case compared to The dynamics of siaya county ,here to large extend I refer to certain remarks attributed to gumbo and Midiwo”

“Those statements if you talk to Mama mboga in Uyoma ,Alego or Yimbo are not happy”
Kisumu County

He started by saying “Let us separate loyalty”

He was however sceptical in Kisumu county  and said  residents or voters should Look at Ranguma as a candidate and Nyongo as a candidate

Let’s discuss their competency just like “Homabay ,the primaries gives a lot of question marks and now that nyongo will fly the flag ,the incumbent will have a litmus test”

According to Oloo ,the August 8 polls in kenya will be very emotive

Along the line up to 8th there are certain emotions to be played that you won’t come that you are supporting so and Kenyans of today are not like those of yesterdays,he added

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