Police Under Probe after 7 Year Boy Shot Dead.


A family in Eastlands is morning the dead of their son who was allegedly killed by a bullet from a police gun yesterday in their home off Outer Ring Road.

Geoffrey Mutinda, was playing on the balcony of their first floor apartment in Pipeline,in an area that had experienced protests earlier in the day.

The protests came after police blocked entrance of the jacaranda grounds where NASA leaders were to hold their meeting . The leaders were teargassed and blocked from reaching the venue.

jararanda grounds
Nasa supporters lit fire and barricaded the Outer Ring Road after being blocked from entering Jacaranda grounds in Embakasi. PHOTO COURTESY

According to eye witnesses, the boy was shot by administration police who were patrolling around without uniform.

“There were no demonstrations or political rallies here. We do not know why the police shot. They were riding on a motorcycle and shooting indiscriminately,” a resident said.Another resident,said the officers were in plain clothes and are stationed at the nearby AP Camp in Tassia.

Mutinda, a class two pupil at Remedy Academy Mwala and had came along with his mother to visit his dad who lives in pipeline.

Residents used stones, boulders and old tyres to barricade roads into the estate to prevent police from accessing the estate to collect the body.

A pregnant woman,neighbor to Mutinda’s family who was also on the balcony during the incident, was shot in the leg.

Nasa leader Raila Odinga condemned the killings, his vehicle was also teargassed. Speaking in Manyanja Road, he said he will call for a convention of the people, People’s Assembly, to swear him in while invoking Article 1 of the Constitution of Kenya.

Half of Jacaranda Grounds, including the point where the podium was to be erected, was covered in sewage.It is not known who spilled the sewage to the field.





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