Raila Odinga’s New Strategy to achieve Political Scores.


Opposition boss Raila Odinga has finally revealed that he is ready to be sworn in as the President of Kenya on 12th December 2017.

Odinga said he won the August 8th general elections and that is his drive to take oath of office of the president on Jamhuri day.

He insisted that the IEBC server shows he won and challenged the electoral commission to open the servers to discredit his remarks.

He said NASA will not recognize Uhuru Kenyatta who took oath of office at Kasarani Stadium yesterday as the president and they will even boycott services offered by his administration.

Even though analysts have said Odinga has no constitutional ground to call for his inauguration, they have put it clear that Odinga might be targeting something big.

Edward Kisiangani a political analyst said President Uhuru Kenyatta may reach out to Raila Odinga and have a dialogue that might solve some of his concerns.

He said Odinga’s sentiments mere meant to pass a message to the government.

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