Raila – Uhuru is Increasing the Militarization of our Country Ahead of the Elections


Good morning. Yesterday, for the second time in our campaigns, I pointed out a phenomenon that every patriotic citizen should be concerned about. The increasing militarization of our country ahead of the 2017 Elections.

Uhuru is marshaling all armed forces to deal with challenges which only he knows.

There is a full scale mobilization and training of the Police, Kenya Wildlife Service wardens, Kenya Forest Service wardens, Prison wardens and the Army at a scale that only exists in dictatorships where the Constitution is overthrown and the President rules by force.

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Four weeks ago, we as NASA raised the alarm on recruitment and training of some members of our military and police to participate in the elections as Jubilee agents.

This is not only dangerous but unacceptable.

Our military is sacred. Across the world in the last 4 decades, our men and women in uniform have been called upon and relied on to defend peace in fractured states and restore democracy. From Europe to Chad to South Sudan, our respected military have hundreds of times stood for the rights of citizens to choose governments in free and fair elections. Many of our gallant sons and daughters have paid the ultimate price for the cause of freedom.

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It is sacrilegious for Uhuru and Jubilee to attempt to alter our military’s honoured tradition of neutrality in political contests.

Mr President, Do not taint our military.

WE, the people will NOT allow it.

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