Two Horse Race in Meru County


In Meru County the political drums are beating differently as the residents are divided between PNU and Jubilee Party. The Incumbent Peter Munya is facing a stiff competition from Senator Kiraitu Murungi.

Kiraitu Murungi is running for the Governor because he believes Munya has not done enough for Meru People.He makes it clear in his social Media by saying.”We took him to the helm as the people of Meru but unfortunately he has only made himself great four years later forgetting the development agenda he was supposed to implement. Time has come now to bring him down and send him home packing so that Meru can become great”.

Some of the Resident also made comments implying that Munya was not enough,” If I may ask you was Munya rally at Nkubu disrupted??? Why does he behave like a toddler and in uncouth manner when Kiraitu Murungi visits Muthara its coz he is a learned that who must go. Leadership of hatred will never prevail. Continue paying us to attend your meeting’s after all is our money no guilt if I don’t give you my vote”

Despite the two leaders exchanging words they both determined to develop Meru to their best ability.The contrasting personalities of the two leading contenders make the race interesting. While Kiraitu is seen as a consensual team player with cordial links at the ruling party, Munya is seen as a combative lone ranger but one that could strongly stand for Meru interests.

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