Why Walter Owino will win Awendo Parliamentary seat with a landslide


Awendo residents will cast their votes once again in the August 8th General elections  not only for the president ,Governor and women rep but to have them  represented in the national assembly.

The last five years has seen Jared Kopiyo a teacher by profession represent them in the august house

A three horse race is in the offing with incumbent Hon Jared Kopiyo  battling it out with fierce rival Walter Owino.Surprise package Enos Nyawata will also have his name in the ballot together with a host  of other aspirants .

Nyawata and incumbent Kopiyo failed to clinch the coveted ODM certificate after being floored by Walter Owino also named as “Awuol wuod Awendo”

Owino lost in the 2013 Genral elections to Jared kopiyo despite being on an ODM certificate but this time round  the business mogul has said he will teach  the former Gamba secondary school principal a lesson

Walter humiliated the two in kopiyo and Nyawata to clinch the ODD certificate gannering 16270 votes against 6338 and 5006 of Nyawata and kopiyo respectively.Nyawata and Kopiyo’s votes gannered in the nominations if combined couldn’t still match that of Walter

Kopiyo who banked on the support of teachers is believed to have lost favour with the teachers who claim he sidelined them in his developemnt agenda while Walter Owino has been on the fore front of ensuring  his development agenda is  a priority .

A resident of Awendo who did not want his identity to be revealed claimed Kopiyo’ s undoing is failing to help those who helped him win the seat and coupled with Walters track record it will be an uphil task for Kopiyo.He said Kopiyo mismanaged 24 million CDF Kitty  and ended up awarding tenders to political cronies and relatives .He said that he has neglected his former PA Paul whose whereabouts are not known

Kopiyo’s re election chances are very minimal and highly unlikely while Nyawata is desperate to take advantage of the Kopiyo -Walter split votes although residents say he is  out of touch with the people .

Walter has what it takes to be Awendo MP owing to his past record and closeness to the people

Kopiyo’s greatest achievement was building of the huge NG CDF offices and also buses for a section of schools while he has failed in other developmental agenda like building of feeder roads ,equitable distribution of bursaries.

Some residents say they voted for him without anything but ended up enriching himself saying they will not risk voting for him again .

The three candidates will battle it out with ANC ‘s George  Miseda and Micah Otieno




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